China Merchants Bank responded to abnormal interest rate trading events: revised according to normal market interest rates

On the 8th of July, on the afternoon of the 8th, the relevant person in charge of China Merchants Bank told reporters that the relevant transaction errors were negotiated by the two sides and have been revised according to the normal market interest rate. China Merchants Bank will profoundly learn the lessons of this event, according to the national inter-bank business. The Lending Center requested that the qualifications of the relevant traders have been suspended. At the same time, it will further strengthen internal control management, serious transaction discipline, and resolutely prevent such risk events from happening again. (Shanghai Securities News) 

             Comment: The decline in the previous period of China Merchants Bank has a clear shadow on the market, so the follow-up news is still worthy of attention. Investors should still be cautious.

The regulation and control policy for the real estate industry has gradually moved from the sales side to the financing side.

The regulation and control policy for the real estate industry has gradually moved from the sales side to the financing side. The “No. 23 Document” in May may be just the beginning. The reporter was informed that recently, a trust company received window guidance and had 5 requirements for real estate trusts. First, the scale of real estate trusts cannot exceed the scale of June 30, 2019. Second, the projects that have been filed do not affect the issuance and establishment, but the unrecorded projects are suspended; third, the “432” channel-type business is also considered a real estate project. Also subject to the guidance of the window, all suspended; fourth, the real estate company mergers and acquisitions category is also considered real estate projects, received the guidance of the window, all suspended; fifth, the scale of the future release of the company’s monthly old project, priority for the company Strategic customer use. (First Financial Economics) 

             Comment: The news will undoubtedly suppress the market’s long-term sentiment, which is obviously negative for real estate stocks.

Dealers accelerate to go to stocks, industry expects car sales growth is expected to turn positive

 July 8th, recently, a number of car companies disclosed the production and sales data in the first half of June and 2019. Analysts expect that the implementation of the “National Six” key cities in advance will enable dealers to accelerate their inventory. In the second half of the year, under the base effect, the decline in vehicle sales growth is expected to narrow and is expected to turn positive. (China Securities Journal) 

             Comment: The news has no obvious effect on the bullishness of auto stocks. Investors do not have to follow suit blindly.

Xinhua News Agency: 5G applications will continue to be used in large-scale commercial applications.

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On July 8th, the reporter recently interviewed in Hebei, Sichuan, Zhejiang, Inner Mongolia and other places and found that with the issuance of the fifth-generation mobile communication technology (5G) license, a new wave of 5G applications will be launched, which will effectively drive China’s digital economy. And the development of information consumption. However, experts also reminded that China’s current 5G development is still in its infancy, and in the future, application innovation and network capabilities should be deeply integrated to expand and enrich the application scenarios. 

             Comment: 5G stocks are not currently the main force for the organization to do more, so after the high, the decline will continue to weaken or a high probability.