Zhongyuan Securities: A shares are still in a period of accumulation and suggest lowering positions to short or low positions

 Zhongyuan Securities believes that the current risk performance exceeds the expectation at the beginning of the month. The future market will be in the risk release, and the market needs to be released after the risk is phased out. A shares are still in a period of gaining momentum. It is therefore recommended to lower the position to an empty position or a low position. It is recommended to focus on policy topics such as regional construction, industry sectors such as TMT leader and gold and other safe-haven sectors; medium and long-term focus on TMT leading, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery and high-quality growth stocks.

The People’s Bank of China’s digital currency is coming to the attention of relevant companies.

Mu Changchun, deputy director of the central bank’s payment and settlement department, said at the third “China Finance Forty People’s Ichun Forum” that from 2014 to now, the research on the People’s Bank of China’s digital currency DC/EP has been carried out for five years. Money can now be said to be coming out. Shao Fujun, the executive director of CF40 and chairman of China UnionPay, also said that the development of digital currency in the future may be the legal digital currency issued by the central bank based on national credit. 

             Industry insiders said that the rigorous regulatory approach will lay the foundation for the rapid landing of digital currencies. Digital currency will rely on blockchain technology to restructure its financial system with its traceability, and huge business opportunities are waiting to be made. 

             On the company side, Feitian Integrity (300386) is currently launching a hardware wallet in the direction of digital currency. New China Capital (300130) has established a blockchain research center to track the application of blockchain technology in financial payments. Omar Electric (002668) began researching digital currency and blockchain technology from the beginning of 2016 and participated in the prototype design of the central bank’s digital currency.

The first China Coal Hydrogen and Hydrogen Energy Industry Development Conference will hold relevant industry chain attention

The first China Coal Hydrogen and Hydrogen Industry Development Conference will be held in Beijing on August 22, 2019. The conference will focus on domestic and international coal hydrogen production, industrial by-product hydrogen production, hydrogen energy development and utilization, storage and transportation, hydrogenation technology, hydrogen fuel cell technology, as well as renewable energy utilization, energy security strategy, energy transformation and development. Research. 

             According to the “White Paper on China’s Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Industry”, by 2050, hydrogen energy accounts for 10% of China’s terminal energy system, hydrogen demand is close to 60 million tons, and annual economic output value exceeds 10 trillion yuan. Among several hydrogen production paths, coal hydrogen production is the most economical due to the low cost and mature technology. As a by-product of the coking industry, hydrogen will appear in the coke oven gas, accounting for 50% of the total. The hydrogen in the coke oven gas is separated and there is a rich source of hydrogen. 

             Related listed companies, Meijin Energy (000723)’s main business is coking, according to the calculation of 6.6 million tons / year coking capacity, the annual production of hydrogen is about 59,000 tons. Zhongtai Co., Ltd. (300435) currently has a mature technology for large-scale production of high-purity hydrogen. In the field of coal-to-hydrogen production, the company’s cryogenic separation process segment has achieved domestic leading position.

Supply and demand tight white sugar is expected to usher in reverse

Driven by rising oil prices and concerns about the dry weather in the Asian sugar-producing areas, the external ICE raw sugar futures ushered in a sharp rebound this Friday. The ICE raw sugar futures contract rose 0.46 cents, or 4.0%, to close at The pound is 11.89 cents. Domestically, the spot price of Guangxi white sugar rose from 5,265 yuan/ton in early June to 5,465 yuan/ton, and rose 200 yuan/ton in two months. Supply and demand at home and abroad are tight, or the price of sugar is reversed. 

             Specifically, in foreign countries, according to Unica data, the sugar production in central and southern Brazil in the second half of July was 2.478 million tons, down 5.5% year-on-year; India was about 10% due to drought or reduced production, and drought occurred in Thailand and China, 19/20 Globally, there may be a gap between supply and demand. Domestically, sugar has experienced a decline of more than two years. The domestic sugar cash cost has formed the bottom of the domestic spot sugar price at around 5,100 yuan. In the case of the global production and demand gap, the future industry boom is expected to rise.

Fujian Province introduced a number of measures to promote the development of ice and snow

On August 9th, the Fujian Provincial Sports Bureau officially issued the “Several Measures on Seizing Opportunities to Develop Ice and Snow Sports”. In supporting the development of the ice and snow industry, we encourage the construction and development of sports-oriented towns with the theme of ice and snow, and guide the construction of 2~5 national-level ice-snow characteristic towns and several provincial-level ice-snow characteristic towns in batches; Key ice and snow projects such as “Ice and Snow World”, “Putian Ice and Snow Town”; actively cultivate the ice and snow competition performance industry, guide and support qualified social forces to hold ice and snow events, guide the development of ice and snow sports commercial performance projects, and innovate and develop ice and snow equipment manufacturing industry. After 5 years of hard work, we will strive to achieve an ice and snow output value of more than 15% of the total output value of the enterprise, with an annual output value of over 5 billion yuan. (Fujian Daily)

Banking Regulatory Commission: will check the management of real estate development loans and land reserve loans

 August 9th, recently, the General Office of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission issued the “Notice of the General Office of the China Banking Regulatory Commission on Launching the Special Inspection of Banking Real Estate Business in 2019”. In terms of the management of real estate credit business, the main points of inspection include: First, the credit policy and internal control implementation of the real estate business. The second is the management of real estate development loans and land reserve loans, including concentration management, verification of the authenticity of capital sources, implementation of the minimum capital ratio requirements, corporate qualification review, etc., as well as illegal financing of the “four certificates” incomplete projects. The third is the management of personal housing loans, including the implementation of differentiated credit policies, the implementation of minimum down payment ratio and limit loan policy requirements, fulfilling the authenticity of down payment funds and the assessment and inspection of loan applicants’ solvency. The fourth is the housing lease loan. (China Securities Network)

Insurance companies have advertised 6 listed companies during the year

 On August 9th, after more than two years of silence, the capital market “risk capital placards” began to warm up. Recently, China Life Insurance has issued two announcements on the stocks of listed companies in China Insurance Industry Association, and has increased its holdings of China Pacific Insurance and Wanda Information. According to the statistics of the reporters, from the beginning of the year, the insurance funds have advertised 6 listed companies, and the number of listed companies in the insurance market in 2017 and 2018 was 8 and 9 respectively. (Beijing Business Daily)

The regulatory policy explicitly encourages brokers to implement equity incentives or employee stock ownership plans.

On August 9th, the reporter was informed that a securities regulatory bureau in East China recently issued a Notice on Supporting Securities Companies to Implement Employee Stock Ownership and Equity Incentive Plans in accordance with the law, encouraging securities companies to implement equity incentives or employee stock ownership plans. (broker China)