Will the Science and Technology Board be included in the MSCI Index Series? MSCI official response: is paying close attention

On July 12, the Shanghai Stock Exchange will hold the first batch of company listing ceremony of the Science and Technology Board on July 22. Regarding the question of whether the future of the company’s stock will be included in the MSCI index series, MSCI responded to the reporter that MSCI is currently paying close attention to the relevant situation of the science and technology board. MSCI also said that it is still coordinating with customers for the planned MSCI China ESG Index (including the China ESG Leader Index). In May of this year, MSCI expanded as scheduled, and 18 GEM stocks were included for the first time. (Securities Times) 

             Comment: The news has certain incentives for related concept stocks, but it is relatively limited. It is expected that the market will continue to be dominated by continued shocks.