The People’s Bank of China’s digital currency is coming to the attention of relevant companies.

Mu Changchun, deputy director of the central bank’s payment and settlement department, said at the third “China Finance Forty People’s Ichun Forum” that from 2014 to now, the research on the People’s Bank of China’s digital currency DC/EP has been carried out for five years. Money can now be said to be coming out. Shao Fujun, the executive director of CF40 and chairman of China UnionPay, also said that the development of digital currency in the future may be the legal digital currency issued by the central bank based on national credit. 

             Industry insiders said that the rigorous regulatory approach will lay the foundation for the rapid landing of digital currencies. Digital currency will rely on blockchain technology to restructure its financial system with its traceability, and huge business opportunities are waiting to be made. 

             On the company side, Feitian Integrity (300386) is currently launching a hardware wallet in the direction of digital currency. New China Capital (300130) has established a blockchain research center to track the application of blockchain technology in financial payments. Omar Electric (002668) began researching digital currency and blockchain technology from the beginning of 2016 and participated in the prototype design of the central bank’s digital currency.