Fujian Province introduced a number of measures to promote the development of ice and snow

On August 9th, the Fujian Provincial Sports Bureau officially issued the “Several Measures on Seizing Opportunities to Develop Ice and Snow Sports”. In supporting the development of the ice and snow industry, we encourage the construction and development of sports-oriented towns with the theme of ice and snow, and guide the construction of 2~5 national-level ice-snow characteristic towns and several provincial-level ice-snow characteristic towns in batches; Key ice and snow projects such as “Ice and Snow World”, “Putian Ice and Snow Town”; actively cultivate the ice and snow competition performance industry, guide and support qualified social forces to hold ice and snow events, guide the development of ice and snow sports commercial performance projects, and innovate and develop ice and snow equipment manufacturing industry. After 5 years of hard work, we will strive to achieve an ice and snow output value of more than 15% of the total output value of the enterprise, with an annual output value of over 5 billion yuan. (Fujian Daily)