At the end of the month, the price of white cardboard will rise for six months.

On July 29th, white cardboard manufacturers recently issued a price increase letter, which will increase the price by 200 yuan/ton from the date of issuing the price increase letter. Since the end of February this year, white cardboard has been raising prices for the sixth consecutive month. At the end of each month, the price increase will be sent. According to the price increase letter, the price increase of white cardboard on paper will reach 1,200 yuan/year. Tons, while the actual implementation of the price increase is about 500 yuan / ton, there has been a short-term downward adjustment. According to analysis by consulting agencies, the gross profit margin of white cardboard is currently around 20%. (Paper industry participation) 

             evaluation: The papermaking sector is currently showing differentiation, investors pay more attention to abandoning weak and staying strong, after all, the market as a whole is in a stalemate.