Heavy! The sale restriction policy is implemented for two years and now withdraws from Kaifeng City.

 The China Securities Journal reporter confirmed to the Kaifeng Real Estate Registration Center that a few days ago, the Kaifeng City Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau issued the “Circular on Adjusting the Time Limit for Newly-built Commercial Housing and Revoking the Record Restriction” on July 17, saying that it was opened by Kaifeng City. At the regular meeting, it was decided to cancel the trading time limit for the new commercial housing in Kaifeng City to be listed and transferred for three years from the date of obtaining the “Protected Property Rights Certificate”, and to cancel the trading time limit for the cancellation of the registered housing. 

            In May 2017, the Kaifeng Municipal People’s Government website announced the “Notice on Regulating the Behavior of Real Estate Development Enterprises to Maintain the Order of the Real Estate Market”. The nine major policies of the “Notice” mainly focus on stabilizing the market, controlling housing prices, and restraining housing enterprises. 

            Among them, the seventh article to curb real estate speculation and speculation, clear from the date of the self-issued text (inclusive), all new commercial housing purchased in Kaifeng urban area (excluding Xiangfu District), from the date of obtaining the real property certificate for 3 years Can be listed for transfer. If the two parties to the transaction transfer the housing through donation, they shall refer to the purchase of new commercial housing. 

            Comment: The news is good for real estate stocks, but if the news of the interest rate cuts over the weekend appears, it will easily form a high point in the short term.